Noble metals in skin care – Gold, Silver and Platinum

Gold, silver and platinum – just by thinking about them, we can feel that gambler side of us coming to life. Those noble metals are lately more often used apart the jewellery shop and more and more frequently used in… cosmetology. They are luxurious, natural and indicate very good conditioning properties for skin. Meet the possibilities of noble metals.

Noble metals in skin care - Gold, Silver and Platinum

GOLD – rejuvenation

Colloidal gold is a cosmetic with multidimensional use. Since the antiquity are known the properties of this mineral, which is believed to be the secret of young and healthy appearance. Currently 24-carat gold is most frequently used in rejuvenating and beautifying treatments. Why? Mostly because of the fact that gold eliminates wrinkles and prevents creation of the new one; stimulates cleansing processes of organism through skin; indicate antibacterial properties, so its great in healing abscess, lichen, rash and acne; stimulates collagen synthesis and contributes to skin regeneration.

SILVER – healing

Compress with silver was used for ages in the process of healing. The effectiveness of silver is a merit of its properties similar to antibiotic – kills even few hundred of pathogens, eliminates fungus and parasites, is anti-inflammatory, strengthens immune system, indicates disinfecting and cleansing properties. What is the impact of silver on skin? Colloidal silver is best in healing of acne, burns, cold sore, wart, fungal infection, chickenpox, inflammation of skin, open wounds, cuts, bites, psoriasis, rash and other skin diseases. Differently than rejuvenating gold, silver deals with greater health problems.

PLATINUM – regeneration

Particles of platinum in cosmetics are a bit more rare than gold or silver, despite proven dermatological action of this metal. What is the influence of platinum on skin? Most of all it effectively makes discolourations less visible, skin is more radiant, moisturised, toned up and rejuvenated. Skin regains vitality through reconstructive properties of platinum on skin – this noble metal has the ability to repair damaged and deformed skin. Natural platinum is the best in skin regeneration.

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