What mistakes to avoid while colouring hair?

colouring hairMost girls dye their hair at home. Sadly, they often do it improperly and the effect is completely different from the one that they dreamt of. Check how to dye hair at home, what mistakes to avoid and what can be done to get a perfect hair colour.

Washing hair before colouring. Many women make this mistake. Hair should be slightly greasy before dyeing. Why? It’s because the sebum that settles on the strands and the scalp serves as a protective layer and protects from the overdrying ammonia – main ingredient of hair dyes. That’s why you don’t have to wash your scalp and hair thoroughly before the colouring. But rememeber to brush it thoroughly. In this way, you will evenly spread the sebum to the entire length of hair, remove the dust, contamination and leftovers of styling cosmetics.

Improper dilution of the hair dye. Mixing the ingredients of the dye in good proportions and doing it right before the application is a half of success. Most women prepare the dye too soon – it oxidizes, changes colour and loses its properties. It’s important to get rid of the dye that hasn’t been used – you mustn’t reuse it as it would cause irritation and damage your hair. As a result, the strands would become overdried, flat and your hair ends would start to split.

Dyeing very damaged hair. It is another serious mistake made by many women. The cuticles of damaged hair are strongly raised therefore the dye disappears from the strands quickly and the colour bleaches. A few weeks before applying colour, take care of your scalp and hair: provide regular moisurizing and protection with silicons. Don’t forget about the ends – apply conditioners or masks regularly. Cut down on blow-drying, straightening and other high temperature treatments.

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