What should you know about dandruff?

Will you believe that 40% of population struggles with the dandruff? It is most common among men, in puberty or after 40. Luckily, there are ways to fight this embarrassing problem. Try one of them and you will enjoy beautiful hair and healthy scalp quite soon.

How to identify dandruff? It’s really simple. It’s small white flakes and itchy scalp. There are two types of dandruff: sebum dandruff and dry skin dandruff. The first one is most common in teens and is characterized by: excessive sebum secreted by the scalp, intensified work of sebaceous glands, persistant itching, inflammation and white flakes which cling to the scalp. Dry skin dandruff occurs when the scalp is irritated and dries up. The epidermis flakes and rains down on the shoulders in the form of white flakes.

What should you know about dandruff 1What are the causes of dandruff? Among others these are: excessive overdrying of the scalp in winter, too rare hair washing, psoriasis, eczema. The dandruff also occurs when we overdo styling cosmetics. If you’re allergic to ingredients of the conditioning products that you use on a daily basis, dandruff may appear on your scalp in the future. Attenuation, alcohol abuse, stress and improper conditioning can also contribute to the occurance of this enduring and unpleasant ailment.

Good news: dandruff can be completely cured. You simply need to regularly use antidandruff shampoos, lotions and ointments which provide antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing and restoring action. Fruit and herbal rinses using lemon, fenugreek, turnip, birch or burdock may help in the treatment. It’s extremely important to wash the scalp every two or three days and to cut down on styling cosmetics. You should complement your diet with food rich in zinc, fatty acids and vitamins from group B.

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