Make-up tricks that you will instantly fall in love with

It is a fact that every girl will try everything to look beautiful. Unfortunately, the perfect make-up takes a lot of time and in the morning, most of us prefer staying in bed longer. Fortunately, there are many, easy tricks that will help you save the time and look better.

Making your lips bigger

If your lips are narrow, you will surely take every step in order to enhance their look. No, botox or plastic surgery are not necessary in this case. It is enough to outline your upper lip, or to be more precise the cupid’s bow, with a nude lipliner. The key here is the consistency of the product used as well as the precision of doing this make-up trick. Remember that the line must be well blended and the shade of the cosmetic should match the colour of your foundation and powder. What is more, a good idea will be to highlight or outline your lips with a lip pencil in the shade of your lipstick. Thanks to this, your lips will appear to be bigger and fuller.

Contouring your eyebrows

Eyebrow make-up is a hit of this season. In order to fill in your brows, you should use a particular eyeshadows or eyebrow pencil. Unfortunately, people with an oily or combination complexion must follow different rules. The foundation, powder and even eyebrow cosmetics may wipe off during the day and fade away. Of course, the best way to set and prolong your make-up, including eyebrow make-up, is using a translucent powder. This cosmetic will not only reduce the production of sebum but also prolong the durability of the brow shadows or brow pencils. To make the application easier, use and old and washed mascara brush. When it comes to the shape of your brows, make sure to follow their natural contour. Additionally, make sure that the hair is not covered with a too big layer of the product.

Make-up tricks that you will instantly fall in love with.Highlighting your eyes

Every nude eyeshadow or even a nude pencil should never be missing from your make-up bag. Why? These are the best tools to make your eyes look bigger and visually brighter. It is especially essential for those girls whose eyes are deep-set and have hooded eyelids. Nude products must by applied in the inner and outer corners of the eyes, on the upper eyelid as well as right under the eye and under the brow arch. What is more, a nude eyeshadow is also useful when blending the boarders of other eyeshadows and other cosmetics.

Making your eyelashes look thicker

This is probably the weirdest make-up trick. If you want to make your eyelashes look fuller, apply some purple eyeshadow along your upper lash line. This trick will help to enhance the colour of your eye, and make it visually thickened. The whole look will be even more beautiful than ever. Purple eyeshadow will especially suit girls with green eyes. However, for brown eyes, the best eyeliners are dark blue or green colours.

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