How to deal with sunburns?

Florid skin, smarting of the skin, blisters. These are the result of long sunbathing without using proper sun protection products. Check how to soothe irritated skin using home remedies, what soothing products to use and how to sunbathe safely.

sunburned shoulder

Home remedies for sunburns

There are lots of methods to deal with sunburns. If your skin is florid and some parts of your body are sore, it’s worth to take a longer shower or bath in cool water. In this way you will cool down your overheated skin. Surely, you must remember to be careful not lead to thermal shock. You can add a few drops of aloetic oil which soothes the irritations.

Ice compresses will also provide sunburnt skin with soothing. You wrap ice cubes in a cotton wiper and gently touch your skin. Such therapy should be very short not to cause more skin irritations. Remember to thoroughly dry your skin afterwards. Do it gently using a paper towel to avoid damage epidermis.

Other popular methods of soothing sunburnt skin include curd or potato compresses. These products are rich in vitamins and minerals which soothe sunburns and nourish body skin. Apply curd or potato compress and leave it for 15 minutes. Your skin should be regenerated after the treatment.

Chemist’s products and doctor’s advice for skin sunburns

The most common chemist products which soothe sunburnt skin are: panthenol, cooling gels with menthol and antibacterial products containing natural ingredients. Sometimes sunbathes cause more serious consequences. If you notice serum-filled blisters on your body, see the doctor immedietaly. The doctor will prescribe medicine which soothes the pain and enhances healing the wounds. On no account should you pop the blisters as it may lead to bacterial infections.

How to sunbathe safely?

Before exposing your body to the sun, use sunscreen creams. Products including SPF 50 factor provide you with optimal protection. Apply it to your skin around 15 minutes before sun exposure. Repeat it every two hours. Sunscreen creams saves you from sunburns, skin cancer and other unpleasant irritations.

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