What should be done to make your complexion look good?

skin look goodYou don’t even realize how often you do harm to your complexion. You use poorly suited cosmetics, undergo intensive and unnecessary cosmetic treatments or skip some stages of skin care routine. But, do you know what to do to have a nice complexion?

If you don’t provide your skin with enough hydration, your make-up won’t be durable and the skin imperfections will become more visible. Providing the complexion with proper amount of water, internally or externally, may improve its look. It will smoothen wrinkles, even the colouration and lighten post-acne or after-sun discolouration. What’s more, cosmetics look much better on a moisturized skin. Use creams, sprays or thermal water in the morning and in the evening. They will make your face look pretty and your complexion healthy and beautiful. Remember to take care of the skin under the eyes. Massage this part of face every evening, using cooling cosmetic.

Using poorly suited coloured cosmetics can make you look, and consequently, feel bad. If you use foundation or concealer which are too light for your complexion, they are bound to make skin imperfections visible. Be careful especially when it comes to covering shadows under the eyes and discolouration. Light shades of the product will highlight the flaws of your skin whereas dark ones can make you look older. Also, the imperfections will be more visible when you apply too much foundation. Your face will look unnatural and resemble a mask.

Poorly suited care cosmetics can trigger irritation. Remmeber not to use your friend’s or even your mum’s products. You and your best friend can have a completely different skin type. You also don’t need to use several cosmetics to get rid of one skin problem. Sometimes, good cream or mask is enough. If you struggle with serious skin disease, see a dermatologist. The doctor will help you to choose proper care and healing products. Hypoallergenic cosmetics or ones that contain natural ingredients may prove to be very effective.

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