How to trim your bangs without going to the salon?

Trim Your Bangs At Home

Recently, bangs have become very popular. They suit most of face shapes and hair styles. What to do when your beloved fringe falls and covers your eyes? There is no need to run to the salon to get only a trim. You can easily do it yourself. Check out all the ways to trim your bangs at home.

Before even thinking about cutting your own hair yourself, you must realize a few very important matters. Obviously, all hairdressers know them well but you simply have to learn some tricks. First of all, always use very sharp scissors. Otherwise you will get more split ends and your hairstyle will not look nice. Secondly, remember that your fringe will be shorter after blow drying and styling. This is why never cut it too short when your hair is still wet. It is better to cut your hair a little at a time and do it over again if needed than to cut too much at once. Last but not least, use thinning scissors – especially designed scissors to create layers. They have little teeth that used properly add texture and lightweight to your new hairstyle. Remember to use them carefully, you do not want to thin out your hair too much.

What type of bangs suits your face shape best

Every hairdresser will try to make the impression of an oval face by doing proper haircut and style. If you decide to trim your fringe yourself you cannot forget about that crucial rule. If you have long face go for a straight cut bangs that will cover up your forehead and visibly make your face look smaller. Firstly, comb your hair to get rig of any knots and then part your hair. Pin up the rest of your hair, leave only those which you will be trimming. Use a comb to part your hair in the middle and cut your hair in layers. Light and layered bangs will also suit everyone with a square face. It is important that you use enough of your hair to cover up your whole forehead. Next, roll your wisps and cut straight. Your fringe should end right under the eyebrow lane. If your face is triangular, a good idea will be an asymmetric fringe. How to do it? Part your hair in a triangular shape on the top of your head. The triangle will be created by hair parted in three places: the middle of your head, and the arches of your eyebrows. Comb your hair in the opposite direction to where you usually wear it and cut straight. Here you go, your new hairstyle is ready.

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