Can you get rid of discolourations once and for all?

You most certainly can lighten them a bit. And if you truly care about beautiful skin, then necessarily read this text. You will get to know treatments that can help you deal with all those unaesthetic spots. You will feel attractive and beautiful once more.

Let’s start by explaining what the discolourations really are. Well, spots, scars and all the residues after acne or too long sunbaths are created as a result of disruptions in melanocytes. Those are cells producing melanin, i.e. colourant responsible for colour of your skin. If there happens that the cells produce to much of melanin, then on the surface of skin are created unaesthetic spots. Discolourations are created as a result of sun radiation and insufficient protection against the UV radiation. What are the causes of discolourations? There are plenty of them. To those mostly enumerated by dermatologists belong: hormonal changes, acne, ingestion of some medication, some diseases, excess sunbaths, improper skin care after cosmetic treatments and skin ageing processes.

Can discolourations be prevented?

Yes and no. Yes because you can use creams with sun filter, properly condition skin prone to acne and just take care of yourself. However, not always you can have influence on the creation of discolourations. It relates mostly to hormonal issues, genetic conditions, medication with no milder equivalents.

Can you get rid of discolourations once and for all 1And how can you remove discolourations?

Firstly, you need to take proper care of your skin. Ergo, cleanse, moisture and sun protection are really important. Remember that prevention is the most important: after all the saying goes prevention is better than cure. Small and light discolourations can be removed at home, by using cosmetics from pharmacy with content of acids and vitamin C. Helpful maybe also peeling performed few times a week. If you have problem with scars and large discolourations, you should visit dermatologist. The doctor will subscribe the medication and perhaps will recommend visit at aesthetic medicine clinic. Currently very popular are following treatments: Yellow Peel, microdermabrasion and laser. All of them lighten discolourations, flatten wrinkles and improve skin firmness. Thanks to them you can look even 10 years younger.

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