Shockingly good! Gliss Kur Bi-Phase Ultimate Color Conditioner.

Two-phase conditioner which contains mainly precious natural oils? This is a two-layer Gliss Kur Ultimate Conditioner which protects the colour of dyed hair. We’re on! It’s mainly because of the ingredients –┬ápopular and extremely effective conditioning oils – which place the product on a very high position. Thus, we can sleep soundly, knowing that the precious oil will get into our hair and give it proper care. Secondly, brilliant two-phase formula of the conditioner will make it incredibly effective and also allow for spectacular effects both on the outside and inside the hair. You can easily notice two-phase conditioners in drug stores as the two phases are visibly separated. The lighter one precipitates from the product, hovers and dominates over the other one, a bit thicker. Obviously they work in two ways. Firstly, they penetrate inside the hair and greatly repair it, healing it from the root to the ends. Second of all… this phase is specialized and it depends on the problem that bothers us in every day hair care. Depending on whether we want to moisturize our hair, give it shine, protect its colour, restore or rebuild it – we must choose a conditioner which offers a specific effect. This very phase of the conditioner provides specialized care aimed at a specific problem.

Gliss Kur Ultimate Color Bi-Phase Conditioner also has a double mission:

  1. Gliss Kur Ultimate Color Bi-Phase ConditionerTo penetrate deep into hair to nourish and repair it giving plasticity to microscopic hair fibers. The main helper and hero of the conditioner will be apricot seed oil. It is appreciated for the largest diversity of good fatty acids which offer restoring and rejuvenating properties.
  2. To restore beautiful and shiny colour. 3D-Colour-Luminance technology is supposed to emphasize the colour of dyed hair and provide beautiful, glistening and three-dimensional effect. The conditioner enhances luminous reflexions on the strands.

Two-phase conditioners usually have a lighter formula than the regular ones. Consequently, they won’t weigh the hair down and gurantee that the ingredients will penetrate deep into hair more quickly. And the effects of conditioning will be quicker.

The application is easy and comfortable: shake well before applying and spray onto towel dried hair or you might apply it to dry hair in order to enhance the effect of shine and intensive colour. Moreover, the conditioner contains UV protection which saves hair from the sun. Very small number of precious oils in the conditioner can be its only drawback. Apricot seed oil is very lonely and surely the ingredients of the conditioner could be enriched with some more valuable oils.

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