Visiting a trichologist. Cleansing the scalp

Do you know who trichologists are? To put it briefly – they are hair and scalp specialists. If you struggle with recurring dandruff and feeling of itching, the trichologist will help you. But how? Check what the treatment of scalp cleansing looks like.

The treatment of scalp cleansing is divided into eight stages. It’s very long and costly. But… for the sake of beauty! At the beginning, the scalp is treated with a device called D’Arsonval currents. The treatment is painless, ventilating and antiseptic as well as offers antibacterial and antimycotic properties. It’s extremely helpful to those who have oily scalp. The D’Arsonval currents slightly warm up the tissues. As a result, cells of epidermis are restored, blood circulation is stimulated, hair gets stronger and damaged scalp is repaired.

The second stage consists in using acid exfoliating scrub. The product contains AHA acids with 5,0 pH. The cosmetic cleanses, regulates the work of sebaceous glands, moisturizes the epidermis and eliminates bacteria responsible for the poor condition of hair and scalp. The acid exfoliating scrub includes fruit and plant extracts which provide deep moisturizing. At the end of this phase, the trichologist gives a massage and after around 20 minutes washes the cosmetic away.

bangs.jpgIn the third stage, antiseborrheic extract is used. It contains the following ingredients: lemon balm, peppermint, witch-hazel, tea tree oil and field horsetail. The plants have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, stimulate blood circulation, shrink scalp pores, soothe irritations. The extract is applied to lesions. Next two stages consist in washing the head with a shampoo for sensitive skin and applying a mask. The products contain natural ingredients i.e. camomile and sage extracts and menthol. They soothe irritations, prevent dandruff, limit sebum secretion. The sixth stage is drying the hair. Usually, hairstylists, who cooperate with trichologists, do it.

During last but one stage, active ingredients included in the ampoules are introduced. It is done with the use of oxygen infusion – a treatment consisting in packing chosen by the trichologist substances into the deeper portions of the skin. The substances might be e.g. arginine, vitamins and keratin. The ingredients provide the growth of hair’s length and thickness or strengthening hair bulbs. The last stage of scalp cleansing is LED light therapy in which LED light is used. The strength of the light is adapted to the hair problem. The LED ligt therapy stimulates processes in the skin, strengthens hair bulbs and follicles, reduces inflammation and nullifies itching.

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