Why should you nourish your eyelashes? Must-have: Nanolash Serum

Lashes serum nanolashCharacteristic of eyelashes causes us to forget about their care. After all, they do not provide thermoregulation for the body like other hair (that de facto on our body is much less than with other mammals). What is more, they also look much different. So, is use of eyelash conditioners such as Nanolash justified?

One of the appendages of human skin are, apart from nails – hair. It is a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis, or skin. Furthermore, it grows on the skin surface only of mammals. The areas of human body deprived of hair are palms, lips, soles and bends of the joints. The greatest amount of hair is present on head. They are the one we usually focus on because they fulfil thermoregulation function. They protect us against freeze in the winter and against overheating in the summer. Most of the hair on our body is down type, and that makes them almost invisible. That is why, when we discuss hair care, we always think about the hair style. Are we forgetting about something?

Eyelash (Latin: Cilium) «is one of the hairs that grows at the edge of the eyelid and protect the eye»

The definition of eyelash clearly indicates that eyelash is also a hair. It results directly from the anatomy of both appendages. Singular eyelash has root and shaft, while root is placed in follicle and shaft is an external part. The internal part in the follicle holds well known hair bulb. It is the only living part of the hair, which cells proliferate quickly, and results with hair growth. Above the skin is a shaft protected by the cuticles that adjacent to each other. Beneath the cuticles is the cortex made of keratin. The entire anatomy is corresponding to the structure of every human hair, including these on the head.

It is worth mentioning that both eyelash and other hair have their lifespan. It is absolutely natural that in a certain moment we lose hair, which are already dead. As long as in their place grow back new hair, it is not a problem. The only difference is that lifespan of the eyelash is much shorter. On average it lasts about 2 months, though it may take a bit longer depending on genetic predispositions. To compare: hair on the head live 5-7 years. However, both cycles undergo the same phases, from anagen to telogen. The logical divergence is also the amount of hair on the head and eyelids. On average we have about 150 thousand hair and only few hundred of eyelashes. Nonetheless, these are minor differences and it is still reasonable to use eyelash serums as regular as products for hair care.

nanolash-eyelash-conditionerNanolash serum «natural and safe composition not only takes care of lashes on a day-to-day basis but also helps them to grow thicker, denser and fuller»

Eyelash care with Nanolash should become the fixed element of every day. You should not marginalise the role of eyelashes, because they are the one protecting the sight organ. Eyelashes are built in a way that allows them to fulfil this protective function for eyes. They limit dust, pollens and minor insects from getting into an eye. This is exactly why Nanolash serum should be in your bathroom. The product strengthens eyelashes, improves their protective properties for eyes. You should never forget that we have only one pair of eyes, so every form of their protection is precious. The stronger, thicker and denser lashes the least dangers from the external world for the eye ball.

Regular application of Nanolash serum on upper and lower root line provides not only improvement of eyelash condition, but also stimulates its growth. Thanks to it eyelashes become spectacularly long and beautiful. No one said that eyelash serum has to only condition eyelashes. This is their main task, however, high quality cosmetics offer way more. Nanolash serum extends natural lashes, thickens them and provides with denser look. In the places of deficit grow back new lashes. Nanolash serum improves the appearance and makes every hair visible, because it works directly on bulbs.

The most desirable is false eyelashes effect and use of Nanolash provides this effect perfectly. So, we can differentiate not only strengthening, but also beautifying properties of the cosmetic. Use of rich in natural substances, Nanolash serum, has one more benefit. It provides natural, but also effective protection of eyelashes and eyes area. The additional nourishing ingredients make Nanolash create protective barrier along the eyelashes.

21 Comments “Why should you nourish your eyelashes? Must-have: Nanolash Serum”

  1. Donna

    I stopped earing lash extensions recently and now I am loking for something that will improve the condition of my lashes

  2. Trish

    I’ve been using nanolash for about six month and the effect was indeed incredible. I’ll definitely go back to it at some point

  3. Ana_Kate

    A tremendous cosmetic, after a month I could see my lashes grew a lot longer :))

  4. Cindy_H

    all you need to do is to apply castor oil to your lashes and it will make them stronger

  5. Nikki

    it might strengthen lashes but it will not help them grow longer as the serum would

  6. Linda LL

    I’ve just ordered it and I am starting my treatment as soon as I get it:) can’t wait to see the results

  7. Liv29

    one of the best lash serum I’ve ever had

  8. candiceee

    too bad all these serums are so expensive =((

  9. AmySue

    for me, the thing for my lashes are castor oil, argan oil and coconut oil.

  10. Sienna

    In my opinion, it’s better to invest in a high-quality mascara. A mascara and a serum in one

  11. Flaure_S

    I got persuaded to but this serum by my friend (it is cheaper to buy 2 at once) and I do not regret it :))))

  12. Charlotte

    I used to have some other serum but they didn’t work for me because I got allergic reactions to every single one of them :/

    • KayT

      when it comes to nanolash, you don’t have to worry, before I purchased mine, I went through tons of reviews, forums and many girls with allergies recommended it. It never caused any irritation or allergic reaction for me and yes, it happened before when I was using other cosmetics

      • Abigail

        same here – my eyes are very sensitive, I wonder what would happe if I started using this one 😉

  13. Kathryn P.

    revitalash worked very well for me, it’s a pity it’s so expensive :/

    • Alana

      I wasn’t entirely happy with revitalash, actually, nanolash worked much better for my lashes

  14. Sofi@

    I was just thinking whether to buy a lash serum and I think I’ll go for this one

  15. Danielle

    I love the effect of lash extensions but I’d be worried that it might weaken my own lashes

  16. Lea

    lash extensions are completely not for me, I got allergic to the adhesive and I had to remove them the next day after the application

  17. Libby89

    I’ve been using lash serums for a long time now and I am aware of the fact that applying mascara on a daily basis can be harmul so I like to take care of it with a good lash serum

  18. Christine

    my friend was using this serum and her lashes grew soooo long! amazing


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