Men! Take care of your skin!

skin-care.jpgMen’s skin is completely different from women’s in many ways. It has far more hair follicles and sebaceous glands which provide better protection from damage and drying off. Epidermis and dermis are thicker and number of cells responsible for face skin colouration is higher. It all makes their skin deal better with UV radiation and the passage of time. However, men don’t know how to take care of their face skin. Check what your man is doing wrong and help him choose proper cosmetics and method of face skin care.

Men don’t attach much importance to choice of cosmetics. The one and only conditioning product that they use is shaving cream. They wash their face with water and soap or shower gel. Both soaps and gels have alkaline pH which destroys protective lipid barrier of the skin, exposing it to irritation, impurities and damages. Washing face with hot water may also turn out to be damaging. High temperature stimulates sebaceous glands, which helps acne lesions to develop. Also, very warm water dilates blood vessels, which results in redness or occurance of so called spider veins.

Surprisingly, men use cosmetics containg alcohol very often. We can find it in after-shave balms and colognes as well as in perfume which men like to use in large quantities. Result? Dry, red and irritated skin. Using products containing alcohol may also result in excessive sebum secretion by sebaceous glands. Besides, natural protective lipid barrier gets disturbed.

Usually, men don’t use sunscreens, moisturizers or exfoliating scrubs. UV radiation increases work of sebaceous glands, weakens collagen fibres and causes discolouration and wrinkles. Although men’s complexion is quite well moisturized, it doesn’t mean it contains proper level of hydration. Moisturizers may improve condition of the skin and prevent irritation during shaving. Men’s skin is quite thick therefore it requires regular exfoliating. The scrub removes dead skin cells, sebum and impurities which settled in skin pores. Your man’s face is going to look beautiful!

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