Oiling in the opposite direction to hair growth. How is it done?

Hair oiling has become a very effective method of hair care recently. It is used by young girls, experienced hairstylists and every hair freak. Generally, everybody knows how to do it. But how to oil hair in the opposite direction to hair growth?

Oiling in the opposite direction to hair growth is very similar to traditional oil treatment. You choose a cosmetic oil suitable to your scalp, hair porosity and length. Then, apply the oil to clean and damp hair. However, you rub the oil in the opposite direction, starting the application from the hair ends. You apply the last drops of oil at the root of your hair. But you must remember about one crucial thing. Don’t rub the strands too hard as you might damage and weaken them. At the end of the application, smooth the hair, applying the cosmetic oil in the direction of hair growth. In this way, you will close hair follicles and prevent impurities from getting into internal structure of strands.

Oiling in the opposite direction to hair growth. How is it doneWhat are the benefits of this kind of oiling?

Firt of all, you provide your hair with much more oil thus higher amount of nutritional ingredients. Your hairdo becomes more beautiful and the scalp healthier. Moreover, hair is soft, smooth and shiny. Styling and brushing is a real pleasure. Hair ends don’t split and are less prone to damage. Even after you wash your head with a regular shampoo, your hairdo still looks great.

Does oiling in the opposite direction to hair growth work for everybody?

Sadly, it doesn’t. This conditioning method isn’t recommended to those with extremely damaged and high porosity hair. The hair follicles are wide open and such oiling technique could make hair condition even worse. Surely, choice of oils is very important. Even safest and mildest product may worsen condition of our scalp and strands. What’s more, after the treatment it’s very hard to wash the product away. We may harm our hair even more by using shampoos which contain drying ingredients.

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