What causes allergic reactions in your skin? Sensitive skin care

Sensitive skin care is extremely difficult. Why is it so? Because it’s most prone to irritations and allergic reactions among all skin types. Check which cosmetics should be used to enjoy a beautiful and healthy face. Also, find out which substances are your enemies and which are your friends.

Sensitive-skin--1What causes the irritation in sensitive skin?

It’s possible that allergic reaction appears when you use care products improperly. That’s why, replace a coarse-grained exfoliating scrub with an enzymatic one. How do enzymatic scrubs work? Plant enzymes slowly dissolve and remove dead skin cells. They smoothen the face skin, soften the epidermis and moisturize the complexion. A scrub containing abrasives irritates sensitive skin. If you apply it to your skin, you spread all pimples and imperfections.

If you have a sensitive skin, avoid aggressive and irritative cleansing products. Use only SLS-free and ALS-free cosmetics. SLS and ALS are overdrying substances which trigger allergic reactions. They damage a natural lipid coat of the skin, exposing it to harmful external factors. Try cleansing gels e.g. Physiogel or Cetaphil in your face care routine. They provide moisturizing and protection. Use creams which contain sun protection factor on a daily basis. They provide additional protection from UV radiation.

Remember not to use a few cosmetics at once. You also can’t change your care products too often. Why? Using numerous care products may lead to skin irritation. What’s more, the products may start to react with each other, which can cause allergies. For instance, mixing fruit acids with retinoids is not recommended.

What ingredients cause face skin irritation?

Among others: parabens, artificial fragrance and colouring substances, lanoline, paraffin wax, mineral oil and many others. Causing an allergy depends on the concentration of a given ingredient in a cosmetic. The higher the concentration, the more propable it is that your skin will react negatively. Choose products which contain moisturizing and soothing substances. Thanks to this your skin will be beautiful and healthy.

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