Flamboyage – new hair colourisation technique

Ombre, baleyage highlights, pixelated hair and brocade roots are the most popular colourisation and decoration techniques for hair. However, this season is all about flamboyage. It was created by hair stylists for women who cherish natural appearance and an interesting colour of hair. What is flamboyage?

The name of this new colourisation technique for hair comes from French. It means as much as gleam, shine or flame. It relates to baleyage, i.e. popular colourisation method of streaks. What is the effect of flamboyage? Hair treated with this method look beautiful and very natural. You will gain result of depth and multidimensionality, while the volume of hair will significantly improve. Flamboyage technique allows highlights. It is recommended for all hair types, even damaged and fine. Hair stylist will take care of streaks being properly protected during the colourisation. For the colourisation is used special toner. This way streaks are protected against orange tones.

FlamboyageHow to execute flamboyage? The final effect of the treatment needs to be as natural as it is possible. For this reason during colourisation there is no crochet work as in case of classic baleyage. Hairdressers use self-adhesive foil strips matching the length of hair. Hair are separated to small and thin streaks then protected by foil. The hair dye is applied on the separated streaks. In flamboyage roots are not being covered with the colour. When the new colour becomes permanent, foil strips are removed by wetting them with water. For flamboyage are used several shades with various tones and colours. This way you achieve your dream hair.

Flamboyage is extremely easy hair colourisation technique. The effect wouldn’t be possible if not for self-adhesive foil strips and several hair dye shades. This colourisation will not be anything difficult even to a less experienced hairdresser. Furthermore, flamboyage creates an endless possibilities in the colour combinations and ways of dye application. New hairstyle will certainly amaze you.

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