Skin care and hair care according to Japanese women.

The number of women, who take care of their skin and hair the way the Japanese women do, is constantly increasing. Why? It turns out that they really know how to do it. Their skin is well-kept, healthy and always looking flawless. If you also want to look and feel great why not trying out Asian method of skin care?

  • Method number 1: washing and drying hair daily

Asians wash and dry their hair every day. In their opinion, hot air coming from the blow dryers has positive effect on scalp. Apparently it kills bacteria that could increase due to dump environment and in consequence lead to dangerous inflammation. If your hair has the tendency to become greasy you should definitely try out this method. However, if you are still sceptical to such frequent care it will be better not to take the risk. Remember one thing, that hair of Asian women is a lot different than the European ones when it comes to their structure, porosity and looks. It is a result of a different diet, climate and genetics.

  • Method number 2: removing make up with oils

In order to remove their make up Japanese women use emulsions and oils but avoid using muslin cloths or cotton pads. They consider cotton pads and small towels to be a habitat for bacteria that can cause unwanted irritations. So how do Asian women remove their make up? Firstly, they rub the products in their palms and then apply onto their skin. A few minute massage stimulates blood circulation, firms the skin and additionally cleans pores. Everyone should try out this method, the key is to chose the proper oil for you skin type.

Skin care and hair care according to Japanese women

  • Method number 3: make up vs skincare

Did you know that Japanese value the proper skin care more than the make up itself? The obsession with brightening their skin is well known to everyone. This is why they often use products based on acids, hydrating creams and deeply purifying facial masks. Did you know that women who live in Japan prefer natural and subtle make up? For their cheek they use only light layer of blush, for the lips only nude or light pink colors of lip gloss and a very thin layer of mascara for the eyelashes. Only recently they stared contouring and shaping brows the same way the Europeans do.

  • Method number 4: the composition of ingredients is very important

Japanese women pay so much attention to the ingredients included in their cosmetics. Before buying their cream or mascara, they take time to read the label and product description. Asians know exactly what their skin needs and know what their cosmetics have to provide. They feel very comfortable in the world of skin care and natural substances. We, European women can only admire that knowledge.

  • Method number 5: sunscreen facial cream

In order to avoid wrinkles, pigmentation or dryness of the skin, Asian women use broad spectrum sunscreens. It is important to use them whole year round no matter how cloudy the day is. Actions like this help them to achieve natural look without worrying about the tan whether is natural or fake. It is completely opposite to what European women do.

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